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R Software Packages

“GD” for OPGD model

“IDSA” for IDSA model

“EDA” for energy decomposition analysis

“HS” for homogeneous segmentation

“SK” for segment regression kriging

Geospatial Methods

OPGD for exploring spatial factors
IDSA for interactive determinants
WGWR for spatial prediction
SHS for segmenting spatial line data
Spatial big data for redefining cities
SRK for segment regression kriging
MKD2SFCA for spatial accessibility
MFSD for spatial decision making

Sustainable Infrastructure

EOSI: Earth data for SI
OPGD for exploring spatial factors
IDSA for interactive determinants
SHS for segmenting spatial line data
SRK for segment regression kriging
MKD2SFCA for spatial accessibility
MFSD for spatial decision making
DTOM for trade-offs of factors
SDITO: economy and environment


EOSI: Earth data for SI
BIM-GIS: trends and opportunities



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